5 Workouts That Can Be Performed In The Pool

During the warm summer months, when the sun is scorching and everyone is spending their time vacationing at the beach, many hot tub owners might find themselves wondering what to do with their hot tub.

People are most likely looking for ways to cool off, so hot tubs in Chelmsford are probably the last thing on their list of hanging out spots.

A hot tub is an ideal investment for those cold winter months or even just the cool fall evenings, but most people are unsure about how to use their hot tub when snow isn’t falling.

But, a hot tub does not have to be hot. It can easily be enjoyed all year round with these simple tips:

1. Change the temperature.

Normally, most hot tub owners keep their spa water temperature around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, the standard maximum temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which some people prefer.

However, the average body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Setting the spa water temperature to between 82 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit – anything lower than the normal body temperature will feel cool to the touch.

2. Keep the spa covered.

As a maintenance measure, spa water should be kept covered at all times – however, this is especially important when planning to use a hot tub in the linked here summer. Keeping the water covered helps keep it cool as it won’t absorb the heat from the sun or the surrounding concrete like an in-ground swimming pool does.

3. Let the air jets run.

Just a little while before anyone plans to start relaxing, the cover should be removed and the jets turned on. Let the air jets run. This about his will cause the temperature of the water to drop.

4. Check for a “summertime” mode setting.

Some hot tubs are equipped with a summertime mode in the spa settings which will reduce the filter time. Constant circulation from periodic filtering will raise the water temperature, therefore, by reducing the filter time, the water is also cooled down.

5. Run the spa with the cover open.

On a cooler evening, open the spa cover and run it with the water features and air jets operating. This will keep the water lower as a result of natural evaporation. Since water warms up at a slower rate than the outside, this will help the spa stay cool longer.

Hot tubs in Chelmsford are a great asset for the winter, but they don’t have to be kept with the cover on once the summer sun makes its appearance. With these simple tricks, everyone can enjoy the hot tub all year round at a comfortable temperature.

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